How to Keep Your Carpet Clean Longer

SOURCE: Unsplash
SOURCE: Unsplash

Keeping your carpet clean for a long time can be challenging especially if you're a newbie in carpet cleaning and maintenance. Nonetheless, it is doable with the right strategies. Read the rest of this post for some tips.

1) Vacuum often and smartly. Define the high traffic areas in your house. These areas gather more dirt compared to other floor areas. Vacuum them atleast twice a week. When vacuuming, observe a slow speed. This will help you suck more dirt. Also, make sure that your vacuum is not too high to miss all the dirt it needs to pick up.

2) Get rid of the stains quickly. When food drops on your carpet, scoop it with a spoon right away. Use a dry cloth to absorb the spill or food remnants on the carpet. Then, use tap water to gently scrub the stain off th carpet. Use another clean cloth to tackle the stain if necessary. If the stain becomes hard to remove, use a spot solution that is carpet-friendly.

3) Remove furniture off your carpet. Cleaning your carpet without removing the furniture on them will keep it from being totally cleaned. Lift pieces of furniture before you do the vacuuming. Check to see if stains have accumulated in the areas of your carpet. Rust or paint finishes can transfer from your furniture onto your carpet especially if they've been placed there for a long time.

4) Don't overwet your carpet and dry it completely. while it is advisable to wash your carpet with soap and water, overdoing it won't make your carpet a lot cleaner. Cleanse it once with the soap and water solution followed by the neutralizing rinse solution. Use fans to dry your carpet completely. Opening the windows can speed up the drying process as well.

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