The Cost of Clutter - How Does It Affect You

Clutter, in varying amounts, can be found in every home. Some have a little clutter while some have a lot, depending on their individual lifestyle and tolerance level. It is healthy to have a realistic amount of clutter, especially when you have small children. An overwhelming mess, on the other hand, is inadvisable because it might cost you your health, finances and sanity. Here are some common ways by which excessive clutter can affect your every day life.


1) Clutter drains you of your time. People who are surrounded by clutter spend extra time daily looking for lost items like car keys, purse, shoes and other things they need. Therefore they arrive late for work, for school or for an appointment. Do you find yourself staring at the very thing you're looking for without noticing it? Yes? Then, now is the perfect time to tidy up your cluttered home.


2) Clutter creates additional expenses. Additional expenses due to clutter come in the form of late payment charges and unplanned purchases. Late payment charges accrue when bills and financial statements are lost in a pile of clutter. The same is true for unplanned purchases. You tend to buy duplicates or replacements of items which you don't realize you already have; you simply can't find them because they're lost in an ocean of jumble.


3) Clutter causes stress. Some people don't want to go home because of the enormous mess that awaits them. A cluttered home can intensify the exhaustion and frustration you may already have from work. You will feel more stressed than relaxed going home. Clutter also becomes a stressor when it becomes a source of embarrassment during surprise visits from friends and relatives. If your cleaning skills can't relieve you of this dilemma of mess and stress, seek assistance or cleaning tips from professional cleaners before it's too late.


While clutter is unavoidable, you can keep it at a minimum to stop it from ruining your life and robbing you of peace of mind. How? Check out this detailed infographic from Absolute Domestics which can help you decide where you should draw the line on clutter.

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