Quick Tips on Minimizing Clutter in the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the busiest places in the house. A lot of activities and chores happen in the bathroom from early in the morning to late in the evening. Hence, the bathroom is prone to clutter. 


Clutter in the bathroom is best solved with the observation of storage systems. Is proper bathroom storage a struggle for you? Read the rest of this post for some quick insights. 


Designate parts of your bathroom for active and accessible storage. These areas should hold the things you use everyday - toothbrush, shampoo bottles, hair dryer, razor, etc. They should also be user-friendly. This means they must not impose hazard on you if ever you need to reach out for items stored in them while you're taking a shower or your body is still wet from a bath.


Use the not-so-easy to reach areas of your bathroom for storage as well. These areas are helpful in keeping items which you use monthly or quarterly. In fact, you can even store your stock of toiletries and other vanity items in the highest shelves, the farthest drawers or the space under your sink. This will help keep the items you're not using at the moment from being damaged or from getting on the way.


De-clutter daily. Once you've used an item, make an effort to put it back where you got it from. Don't wait for tomorrow or the weekend before you put things back to their proper places. Clean and organize your stuff as you leave the bathroom.


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