Front Door Makeover: Cool Ideas and Quick Tips

photo courtesy of Google Images
photo courtesy of Google Images

Some people see the front door as a great opportunity to express one’s style, not to mention, the best way to catch some attention in the neighborhood. The entry way can tell so much about the house and its dwellers, so why not give it your best shot?

Revamping the main entrance can be a whole lot of fun, and you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of ways to go about it. It all boils down to knowing the key elements you can experiment, or better yet, play with. If you’re all set, then get your creative batteries ready.

The first thing you may want to consider is how you can attract your guests from the street, all the way down to the front door. You can do this by simply installing a 3-4 feet wide custom walkway. Designs may vary, but make sure it suits your taste. Once you’ve got that ticked off your list, you’d want to make the door itself pop. A splotch of bright and bold paint will do the trick, but before applying some, make sure to evaluate the style of your home. Now if you’ve got some plants blocking the beautiful sight that is your front door, settle on spilling those over onto walkways. Flowers and other plants are great, but it is imperative for the door to be out in the open.

Next, you’d want your front door to ooze individuality. And what better way to do this than to shell out on gorgeous features? If you’re up for it, go for a wooden door; or if not, make best use of vibrant step tiles. Adding architectural details might also do wonders, so research your home’s style and decide whether you want moldings, columns, or decorative brackets. If this is too much for your taste, then you may resort to just repeating elements. See that arch in the window above your door? Have that reappear in the sunshade overhead.

While at it, don’t forget that revamping your front door is still about giving it a sense of warmth and comfort – after all, it’s what greets your guests. You can pull this off by placing a set of weather-resistant furniture round the corner. You may then make your front door look more welcoming by placing full-length windows on both sides. Lit it up with low-voltage lights or, for a cozier look, put lanterns on posts. You’d want to protect your guests from the rain or the scorching hot rays of the sun, so adding an awning over your entry way is a smart move. To create a polished main entrance, see to it that you pick the same color for both the exterior elements and porch lights.

Almost everyone now recognizes the importance of curb appeal. This fact is as noticeable as people’s willingness to splurge to make a statement. If you’re on a budget, however, worry not as it only takes creativity to give your front door a new look. If you’re more than ready to start, then click here.

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